Field Recordings in Labora

In the last two weeks, the study on music and conflict transformation I’m conducting with Music for Peace has really come together. We brought a research assistant on board, collected hours of existing conflict-related music, and went to Labora to conduct field recordings.

Here are a few snapshots of our time there.

1. Artists in Labora preparing to be recorded.
Labora 1


2. The music was so beautiful, we lured a snake to join us.
Labora 3


3. Jeff Korondo and Jahria Okwera (fellow Music for Peace founders) take a time out to play a locally-made thumb piano and flute.
Labora 2


In other news, the first batch of conflict-related songs will be translated by the weekend, and next Saturday we’re traveling to Anaka to conduct more field recordings. Stay tuned!

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